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    3. RAY

      Impressive appearance

      The Ray desk draws on the elements of “origami” and creates an integrally formed aluminum alloy electroplated foot, which looks light but full of stability.

      A strong meeting is the beginning of victory

      Through its impressive appearance, POWER conveyed a strong determination. This is a conviction to win the game and a bridge between thinking and decision-making.

      Bring quiet back to Your office

      The new office ecology, while providing open social, also needs to provide quieter power. We advocate happy work, but also refuse to interfere with the efficiency of others while the team communicates freely.

      Create a space of inspiration, creativity and wellness

      Each work space affects the user’s feelings and behavior in its own unique way. ONMUSE understands and plans product maps to help planners create a space of inspiration, creativity and health. Working in the office, spending time in the waiting area, or brainstorming in the rest area can be transformed into an unforgettable and inspiring experience, thereby increasing the return on investment in the office.

      2020 · Release

      Brand brochure

      Elegant your office life


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